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Ever since their invention photocopiers have now become an essential part of any major establishment or business concern. From the very first machines that were heavy and cumbersome, to the latest with networking and fax capabilities, the now ubiquitous photocopiers have come as long way indeed.

Photocopiers have now made the distribution of data and information a breeze at least within the office rooms and have also greatly contributed towards greatly towards many a student’s dissertation. Thus for most places that involve a lot of duplication of printed material the photocopiers is now a prerequisite.
Different types of copiers are designed for special tasks and very often also have specialized tools for specific functions. Thus photocopiers can be classified as manual, analog and digital according to the technology that they make use of. In terms of the number of prints that they are capable of producing they are divided in to high volume Copiers, low volume Copiers and medium Volume copiers.

Canon Copier
Canon Copier
Xerox Copier
Xerox Copier
Ricoh Copier
Ricoh Copier
Canon copier are manufactured by the Japanese company that focuses on the making of photocopiers, printers, cameras and other advanced office devices.More Information about Canon copier Xerox, the brand that made the photocopier ubiquitous, is still one of the leading manufacturers of copiers in the world today. More Information about Xerox copier Ricoh is a Japanese company that has grown to be one pf the major photocopier manufacturers in the world today. More Information about Ricoh copier
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High volume copier
High Volume Copier
Medium volume copier
Medium Volume Copier
Low volume Copier
Low Volume Copier
High volume copiers are ideal for those organizations which require more than 5000 to 25,000 copies in a month. These are employed by corporates and have speeds in excess of 20 copies per minute Medium volume copiers are apt for your business if your documentation volume is between 5000 to 25,000 copies in a month. With a copying speed of roughly 20 copies per minute medium volume copiers are now competitively priced Low volume copiers typically make between 300-1000 copies per month, and work at a speed of 10 to 14 copies per minute. These machines are the best for individual use and for small sized businesses.
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