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Xerox Copier

Xerox Copier

Xerox copier is one of the products manufactured and sold by Xerox Corporation .The firm’s headquarters are located in Connecticut, Stamford, Rochester, New York. The other Xerox’s headquarters are in Middlesex and Uxbridge.  The company was founded in 1906 with the title of “Haloid Company”. At that time, Xerox Corporation used to manufacture photographic paper and other related equipment. The firm achieved eminence in 1959 with the launch of the first plain paper photocopier based on the technique of xerography.

The use of word "Xerox" has become so prominent that the firm has started taking it’s usage in a generic manner into serious consideration. Nowadays, it is a commonly used synonym for "Photocopy" in North American English. Despite the fact that the use of Xerox is common, the company can’t overlook the constant use of its trademark as a verb. This situation can even lead to the generalization of the firm’s trademark by the courts. So, Xerox has evolved a campaign to persuade people to not use Xerox as a synonym for photocopying.

Beside these initiatives, the organization has issued letters to publications that have utilized Xerox as a verb. The firm has also spread information through the means of print advertisements announcing, “A document can’t be xeroxed, but it can be copied".

Apart from Xerox Copier’s, the company also has a wide range of products including Xerox color copier,  black –and –white printers, scanners, digital production printing presses, fax machines, professional printers and several other products. Beside these products, Xerox also excels in office supplies like papers of various types.

Xerox copier machine are available in various models in the market. . A Xerox copier machine based on the concept of multi-functioning can merge the tasks of black and white copier with a color one. Their cartridges have a high-impact color reproduction capacity. Xerox copier machine also utilizes solid ink technology.  Xerox color copier is one such advanced form of black-and-white copiers. Xerox color copier can perform multi-functions such copying, scanning and printing.

The high-quality functioning of  these copiers rely on the smooth working of the major parts like  toner, drums, cartridges,  lubes, developer  refill and paper. Inside the copier, there is a drum, which is statically charged and attracts the particles of a toner. A Xerox copier toner is composed of a fine dry black powdery substance that is made electrically charged in order to stick to a drum with the opposite polarity. Now, they are also found attached with cartridges, which is another vital Xerox copier part. The fine print quality of copies depends on the copier cartridges.  They are the main repository of ink and can affect the final standard of a copy.  Xerox lubes are another essential part of a copier that ensures the smooth movement of lens shaft, scanner and slide rails by providing lubrication to them. They are quite essential for the proper functioning of a copier. Developer refill is a handy tool for refilling the empty cartridges. The availability of quality paper is very crucial for getting the end copier product in hand.

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