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Established in 1936 by Kiyoshi Ichimura in 1936, the Ricoh Corporation is one of the foremost manufacturers of office equipments in the world. The first major product of Ichimura was the Ricoh Flex III in 1950. It was the world's first reflex camera with twin –lens. He also introduced many other inventions, like the launch of firm’s first desktop copy machine in 1955.Other major advancements of Ricoh copier include introduction of the world's first fully-digital fax machine in 1973.

Ricoh started selling plain paper copiers in 1981, in the North American and European regions. Being a leading competitor in the global office computerization in just two decades, Ricoh copier now has become a major player in digital office solutions. Now with the strength of 75,000 employees and office branches in more than 150 countries, the organization has been serving diverse customer demands. The firm has headquarters in five main regions including Europe, America, Asia Pacific, Japan and China.
As a result of these aggressive moves, the Ricoh Group currently enjoys No.1 market share in Europe and No.2 in the USA.

Ricoh copier mainly manufactures and sells office equipments, personal products and industrial products. The list of products includes Ricoh printer, Ricoh color copier, digital Ricoh copier, personal computers, fax machines, CD-Recordable and CD-Re Writable drives and media, and other related products. Ricoh is also well-known for digital cameras and advanced electronic equipments.

Ricoh color copier is an advanced piece of office equipment that improves your work productivity.  The Ricoh color copier penetrates the latest technology in your work environment. They are introduced with modern expertise to avail you an outstanding quality that no other copier offers. Besides providing network compatibility, they have a capacity to manage excess data at great speed and are also available as multi-functioning copiers. Accessible in a number of attractive models, a Ricoh color copier is an all-rounder that can execute copying, printing, fax and color scanning. They provide excellent work quality and are easy to handle. These copiers are programmed to meet your document processing demands and arrange your documents more efficiently than others.

Summarizing Ricoh color copier printing system, Ricoh results fast color copying and exceptional image consistency. Moving on to higher end versions, every Ricoh digital copier has a memory cache for digital images that can be utilized to produce multiple copies. In addition, the digital Ricoh copier has the capacity to supply excellent image cutting, automatic size selection and outstanding faxing solutions. Ricoh copiers have been witnessing tremendous popularity on account of their multi function features and cost efficiency. The steady performance of the Ricoh copier is interlinked with proper functioning of parts like toner, cartridges, drums, lubes and paper.  The high print quality relies on the right selection of paper and Ricoh papers are made by a high competence material and spotlessly cut for problem free feeding. To ensure supreme printing, you can trust on the quality of the Ricoh copier toner cartridge focused on improving your print image. For further value additions in the competent functioning of your copier, you can also utilize lubes which are crucial Ricoh copier part for lubrication and decreasing the wear and tear in the copier. If your cartridges are not in a position to produce finer prints, you can improve their performance with Ricoh copier developer’s refill. Apart from being cost effective, it also attaches quality to your copied document’s text and images. The remaining crucial part of the device is the copier drum that is utilized to introduce modern technology and improves the entire copying procedure.

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